Rob Lake labels Blind Dave Heeley an 'inspiration' ahead of Blind Walk 2024

Blind Walk Graphic

This May, Albion's Blind team are set to embark on Blind Walk 2024 -a five-day challenge which will see them walk from Wembley Stadium to The Hawthorns.

Two-time Albion promotion winner Andy Johnson and prolific fundraiser "Blind Dave" Heeley will join the group for the 120-mile trek, along with Foundation Director Rob Lake.

Rob is determined to go above and beyond with his support of WBA Blind, opting to put himself in the players' shoes and wear a blindfold for the entirety of the challenge.

"I wanted to do something and test myself further, and that's to actually do the challenge blindfolded. I wanted to understand more what it's like to be like "Blind Dave" and the players and to do something of endurance with no visual stimulus.

"I know it's going to give me a sense of gratitude and a sense of perspective on life. It's going to be really tough but I'm really fortunate that I can take my blindfold off at the end of the day. Dave can't and our players can't."




The group face a gruelling trek from the home of English football to the Shrine, walking 24 miles a day on average, to raise awareness of the Albion blind team as well as vital funds for the blind football programme.

Read more about the reason's behind Blind Walk 2024 here and show your support for the group by donating to the challenge JustGiving page.

Rob has credited "Blind Dave" as the main reason behind his participation in the Blind Walk, with Dave's fantastic, selfless support of the Foundation an 'inspiration' to so many, including himself.

"I want to do this walk because of Dave. Dave's a hero, he's an inspiration, he's become my hero and my inspiration. Over the years, I've got to know him and he's just an incredible person, and I've learnt a lot from him. 

"He's done so much for the Foundation, for me, raised so many funds and I feel like I need to show him how much he means to me and the Foundation. I need to test myself in a way and doing this blindfolded, I think does that."

Dave Heeley And Rob Lake Foundation

Rob is encouraging Baggies fans to put themselves in the shoes of the WBA Blind team and "Blind Dave", by taking part in a Blind Walk of their own. Whether it's at home, in the garden or at the park, show your support for the Blind Walk by walking a mile blindfolded. Share your efforts on social media, tagging the Albion Foundation and we'll share the best posts.

"I just want others to join in with the challenge in a small way and walk in the footsteps of Dave and the players, and not feel pity or feel sorry because they don't want that.

"It's to feel admiration and celebrate what they can do and to understand that, for our own perspective on life, it's to be grateful for what we have."

If you can, please donate to Rob's JustGiving page here, and help support the West Bromwich Albion disability teams.

The team have a fundraising target of £30,000 and are extremely grateful for all donations received.

Foundation Director, Rob Lake
It's going to be really tough but I'm really fortunate that I can take my blindfold off at the end of the day. Dave can't and our players can't.