“Blind Dave” requests your support to raise awareness

West Bromwich Albion Blind Team

On April 29, Albion's Blind team with "Blind Dave" Heeley are set to embark on Blind Walk 2024, a five-day challenge which will see them walk from Wembley Stadium to The Hawthorns. 

Foundation Director Rob Lake will join the team as he puts himself in the players' shoes and wears a blindfold for the entirety of the challenge. The challenge is a 120-mile walk, which will be tough for all involved. 

He thinks that the challenge will give him both gratitude and a perspective on life: “It's going to be tough, but I'm fortunate that I can take my blindfold off at the end of the day. Dave can't and our players can't."

The hope is that the challenge will inspire others to join in. Rob doesn’t want people to feel “pity or feel sorry because they don't want that.” The challenge motive is to focus on admiring and celebrating "Blind Dave" and the rest of Albion's Blind team.

Dave’s fundraising efforts have helped the Foundation to expand what they offer to the community, with a vast disability sports programme now in place, including: Powerchair Football, Blind Football, Cerebral Palsy Football, PAN Disability Football, SEND multi-sport holiday camps and sessions.

He was recently awarded the EFL Supporter of the SeasonIt’s evident that his unwavering dedication and passion for West Bromwich Albion have not gone unnoticed, and his commitment to the club, its community, and fellow fans is truly commendable.

An image of "Blind Dave" Heeley with his EFL Supporter of the Season Award

What can you do to help? 

Dave has a request for Baggies fans and people far and wide to put themselves in the shoes of the WBA Blind team. You can show your support for the Blind Walk by taking on an everyday task or activity, blindfolded. Share your efforts on social media, tagging the Albion Foundation, and we'll share the best posts. 

The team have a fundraising target of £30,000 and is extremely grateful for all donations received.

If you can, please donate to the Blind Walk JustGiving page, and help support the West Bromwich Albion disability teams. 

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