My Albion Single Sign On Accounts

13th November
My Albion

Click here to download and print a step by step guide

If you are having issues linking your My Albion and ticketing accounts please contact

My Albion Single Sign On accounts are now live, and this is the only account you'll need to log in to all of West Bromwich Albion's digital platform.

A My Albion account is free and takes just a couple of minutes to set up. Once activated you can watch all of the free videos on and the official app, link to your ticketing account to buy tickets online and shop on the online store.

To set up your account visit and follow the steps below, or download the step by step guide.

Register a My Albion account

  1. Visit and click Create Account
  2. Complete the short form and click Continue. Please enter the email address you have registered with the club
  3. Check your inbox for an activation email – if you don’t receive one within a few minutes contact for a new activation link
  4. When activated return to and sign in to your account, following the instructions below to link your ticketing account

Link your My Albion and Ticket accounts

  1. Login to your My Albion account at
  2. Confirm your opt in preferences – make sure you tick YES to emails from West Bromwich Albion in order to receive important updates and offers from the club
  3. Click Link Account Number on your Profile page
  4. Click Link your Current Member Number here on the Linked Accounts page
  5. If you are missing any required fields you will be prompted to complete them in your My Albion profile
  6. When directed to add the Customer ID number (starts with a 2 or a 3) that is printed on your stilecard or latest match ticket. If you do not know your Customer ID number contact If you do not have an email address on your ticketing account you won’t be able to link, please contact to add your email address to your ticketing account. If your first name and / or surname don't match your ticketing account you won't be able to link, again please contact
  7. If you have entered the correct number you will be logged in to your ticketing account. If you link to an incorrect number or receive an error message please contact


When visiting click on the log in icon on the top right corner of the website and then select ‘Login with your My Albion account’ and click Continue. You will be redirected to where you just need to enter your email address and password if you have already created your account.


  • If you can’t create a My Albion account with your email address it may be that it is already registered to another account. Each My Albion account must have a unique email address
  • Generic addresses like info@ sales@ admin@ won’t be accepted, please ensure you use a personal email address
  • If you cannot link your My Albion and ticketing accounts it may be because the account details don’t match, please contact to ensure we have the most up to date information on your ticketing account
  • If you don’t receive your activation or password re set emails please check your junk folders. If they are still not received please contact
  • If you link your My Albion account to the wrong ticketing account please contact and we can correct for you


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