My Albion Account FAQs

Here you'll find answers to frequently asked questions regarding your My Albion account and Single Sign On.

At present your My Albion account will give you access to the video content on and on the new app (when launched in August 2020), we'll contact supporters to let them know when their My Albion account can be used to access their online megastore and ticketing accounts.

My Albion

I can’t remember my password to log in, what do I do?

Go to and click “forgot password”, you will be sent a link to the email registered to your account inviting you to reset your password. If you cannot access this email account now please contact for further assistance.

Why can’t I see my ticketing history when I log in with my My Albion account

When Single Sign On is live you will need to link your My Albion account to your Ticketing account. You will be prompted to link your accounts when the functionality is available and you register or log to your My Albion account.

  • Register or log in to your My Albion account
  • Click Link Ticketing Account Number
  • Enter your customer number which can be found on your stilecard or a match ticket (starts with a 2). It is vitally important that you connect the correct account as only one ticketing account can link to a My Albion account. If you are unsure of the correct number please contact the Ticket Office on 0121 227 2227 to confirm.

If you are unable to link the two accounts after following this process it may be because we have different details on file to those you are choosing to register with.

Your My Albion account needs to have the same contact details as the ticketing account we currently have on file for you. If your ticketing account details are out of date or you no longer have access to the email address we have on file please contact the Ticket Office on 0121 227 2227 or email to update your information. 

Once the details have been updated you will be able to link your My Albion and ticketing accounts within 20 minutes.


How can I renew another person’s season ticket or purchase their match tickets with mine online?

To purchase tickets online on behalf of another supporter you need to ensure they are linked to your Friends and Family list in your ticketing account.

You can add supporters to your list online or by contacting the Ticket Office on 0121 227 2227.

Can a junior supporter set up a My Albion account?

Yes, any supporter can register for a free My Albion account.

Supporters under 16 will only be able to purchase using their account by confirming they have the permission of a parent of guardian. The easiest way to purchase match tickets for a junior supporter please ensure they are added to your Friends and Family list.

Supporters Under 18 are not able to purchase Match Streams on WBA TV when they are available.

What do if I am worried about the security of my account?

If you are concerned that someone has your log in details we recommend you change your password immediately. If you have further concerns about the security of your account please contact

I have not received an activation or reset password email

We will send you an email to the email address you provided. There will be a link in this email, which you need to click on to register your account.

It may take a few minutes for the email to land in your inbox. If you do not receive your email, please follow the next steps:

  • Check your junk and spam folders
  • Ensure you did not use any mailbox that could be shared, eg info@, reception@, sales@ as these will not be accepted for your My Albion Account
  • Add to your safe senders list and retry sending the email
  • Register using your Facebook or Google+ account as this does not require email validation
  • Try using an alternative email address which you have access to.

If none of the steps above work, please contact or ca;; the Ticket Office on 0121 227 2227 with your email address. In a few cases the email may be being blocked by your email service provider. Club staff will be able to check this so that you may contact your service provider directly.