Foundation Day Focus: Men's Mental Health

Team Talk player dribbling with the ball

One of the main areas in which we offer support to residents in Sandwell, is through our Team Talk project, which is run by our Wellbeing department. Click here to find out more

Team Talk is a weekly programme aimed at men aged 18 and over in Sandwell, with weekly tournament style matches taking place at Portway Lifestyle Centre, as well as informal workshops and activities that will share information around other services that can support better mental health. 

The programme is completely free of charge due to funding from Sandwell Public Health and aims to improve the health and wellbeing of the Sandwell community, with an all-inclusive environment in place and everyone welcome.


Team Talk award

Earlier this year, the Team Talk project was presented with The Birmingham County FA Recognition Award for Wellbeing Project of the Year.To date we’ve welcomed almost 200 players to the  programme and have delivered over 8,200 hours of group support for those suffering with their mental health. 

The Albion Foundation also hosted the inaugural Birmingham County FA Mental Health League event in January, following this up with a football festival in April, where eight clubs from across the Midlands came together at Portway Lifestyle Centre to play football and support each other's mental health in a positive environment.


To find out more or to join our Team Talk programme please click here

Why we need your support 

Thanks to Sandwell Public Health the Team Talk programme is completely free of charge, however with your support we can continue to run and increase the access to workshops, wellbeing services and further support for mental health issues in our community. 

If you can, please help us to continue to deliver these programmes. To make a donation or set up a fundraiser click here for further information

Addressing Men's Mental Health