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Health & Fitness

One of The Albion Foundation’s core pillars of delivery has been around promoting Active Lifestyles and healthy living for the Sandwell community

Our natural synergy with football has expanded to include many alternative sports and programmes that provide access to sports for participants with disabilities. Click here to find out more about why this is so important to our local region.

We’ve run programmes for local children through holiday camps, in-school sessions and football development pathways for many years. We have expanded our programmes to support adults looking to improve their health, fitness and wellbeing and have helped thousands of local residents across these activities. 

Click the links to find out more about Fit Baggies, Fitness Maintenance, Active Greenspace Hubs, programmes for local children and how you can get involved. 



Linda's Story

Since 2021, The Albion Foundation, Age UK Sandwell and the Stroke Association have worked together on the Sandwell Community Wellbeing Programme. 

The project was put in place to provide specialist exercise for people affected by strokes - improving their mobility and confidence, connecting them to peers within their community and introducing them to long-term sources of support within their area.

Initially set up on a 12-week pilot, the scheme has been running for two years now and has had great benefit on stroke survivors and their recovery, in the Sandwell area.

One success story in particular, is that of Linda who started the programme in August 2022. Linda initially had a negative mindset and was low on confidence in the aftermath of her stroke, with no movement in her left arm. Since joining the group, she's been able to build back her strength and mobility and she's now full of confidence and energy.

Why we need your support 

Our goal is to reduce as many barriers to participate as possible to ensure everyone in Sandwell can participate in activities and has access to support and information to help them lead healthier lifestyles, for the benefit of our whole community. Our supporters help us to keep programmes free, or as low cost as possible for participants. 

If you can, please help us to continue to deliver these programmes. To make a donation or set up a fundraiser click here for further information

Supporting healthy living in Sandwell