The Albion Foundation join Pure Ionic Water's Elite Partnership programme

Pure Ionic Water System

The Albion Foundation are delighted to announce a new partnership with Pure Ionic Water - an hydrogen-rich alkaline water, used by elite sports players, athletes and clubs since 2006.

The Albion Foundation has solidified its commitment to elite sports excellence, by joining Pure Ionic Water in an exclusive partnership under the Elite Sports Partnership programme.

The collaboration, a testament to the Elite Sports Programme's core objectives, aims to provide the Foundation, the WBA men's first team and support staff, with unparalleled hydrogen-rich, ionic mineral water. Simultaneously, it champions environmental responsibility by actively reducing single-use plastic usage.

Developed by Water Enhancing Technologies (WET), Pure Ionic Water represents the pinnacle of ionic refreshment, empowering players at the elite level through enhanced hydration.

Pure Ionic Water
Jed Wallace & Conor Townsend with Pure Ionic Water Hydration Station at WBA Training Ground


Pure Ionic Water aims to sets a new standard for health and performance by purifying water from micro plastics, PFAS (forever chemicals), hormones, bacteria and other contaminants.

The water is then enriched with antioxidants, electrolytes and more, facilitating mineral refreshment and rehydration. Click here to see the benefits and of drinking alkaline water.

Director of Operations at WET Group, and former Albion captain Darren Bradley, expressed his enthusiasm: "Playing for West Bromwich Albion demands the very best from players. I'm delighted that we're ensuring everyone in the training ground has access to the best water for hydration and recovery.

"Equally gratifying is the opportunity to deliver this nutritionally exceptional, alkaline water to Albion fans' households."

Pure Ionic Water
 Pure Ionic Water Hydration Station at WBA Training Ground


In an attempt to further improve sustainability levels across the club, the Albion Foundation joins the growing movement to reduce dependancy on single-use plastics. Over time, Pure Ionic water, in collaboration with environmental and elite partners, aims to remove a billion single-use plastic bottles from the environment.

Jonathan Ward, Deputy Director of The Albion Foundation, said: "We're delighted to join the Pure Ionic Water Elite Sports Partnership programme, with the Foundation combining with the club to provide players and staff with ultra-filtered, alkaline and mineralised water.

"Pure Ionic Water provides all the health benefits required for hydration recovery and protects against various particle contaminants usually found in water. I believe the system and the benefits that come with it is a great package, and we're very pleased to collaborate with Pure Ionic Water."

Pure Ionic Water
Darren Bradley, Jed Wallace, Wayne Thomas, Conor Townsend & Jonathan Ward at with Pure Ionic Water Hydration Station at WBA Training Ground


Pure Ionic Water extends its dedication to fans with the introduction of an at-home, under sink system, available initially through Fans can subscribe to the water service monthly or yearly, experiencing the same nutritionally exceptional, microplastic, PFAS and hormone-free water enjoyed by the men's first team players - with 50% of the sale proceeds donated back to the Albion Foundation, to help continue our positive work within the local community.

The system, installed in kitchens, provides an enhanced home tap water experience. It is hoped that the partnership actively contributes to playing a vital role in reducing single use plastics in our daily lives. 

Find out more about Pure Ionic Water and their services by clicking here.