The Albion Foundation confirms closure of Independent Primary School

Regis School Front

The Albion Foundation is disappointed and saddened to announce its independent primary school will close this summer. 

The Regis Academy opened its doors in June 2021 and aimed to nurture disadvantaged young people – who struggle in a conventional classroom setting – with the tools to return to mainstream education, which reduces permanent exclusions.  

The school received a glowing Ofsted report in November 2022, which described The Regis Academy as “an oasis of calm” and rewarded the school an overall “good” with “outstanding” for behaviour. 

Regrettably, the school’s achievements have not resulted in the anticipated level of pupil referrals, with no additional funding available from Government or Sandwell Council. 

After operating at a loss for two years, The Albion Foundation has been left with no option but to close the doors on its alternative provision, having exhausted all available avenues to increasing pupil numbers or external funding. 

However, the charity intends to continue its work in the education sector, retaining “The Regis Academy” name at the site of the school on Brasshouse Lane.

Albion Foundation Director Rob Lake said: “During the time the school has been open it has changed the lives of many of its pupils, with many returning to mainstream education. 

“We remain convinced our ethos and provision is the correct one. Unfortunately, we did not anticipate how few pupil referrals we would receive, particularly as we are regularly told of the high demand for alternative provision.  

“What is paramount is that we continue to do good for the local community. Cyrille Regis’ name will continue to be associated with the building, and plans are being drawn up as to how we best continue our work with young people in his name.

“I would like to put on record my thanks and admiration for the wonderful teaching, support staff and the board of governors, who have all worked tirelessly to help children in need in our community.”


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