Foundation Day Focus: Tackling Loneliness


As part of this year’s Foundation Day, we're highlighting the variety of programmes we deliver to support people across the community of Sandwell. 

Baggies Buddies and the Hawthorns Hub are initiatives that the Albion Foundation have been running in conjunction with the club for five years, offering support and companionship to people in our local community who feel isolated or lonely. Click here to find out more about loneliness in Sandwell and how we hope to address it. 

The Buddies programme brings together the Albion Family as a way to connect and find companionship over a shared passion for West Bromwich Albion. Participants can choose to join us at The Hawthorns for a match with a Buddy to accompany them, or enjoy a tour of The Hawthorns. 

Those who would like to engage with a smaller group, or who aren’t as interested in football, can join us at a Hawthorns Hub weekly session where we’ll welcome guest speakers, run educational sessions and provide a relaxed environment to start meeting new people in our local community. 

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from the Baggies Buddies or Hawthorns Hub programmes please email for more information. 


Why we need your support 

Our weekly sessions are free to attend, and these are often the entry-route for people seeking companionship to address their loneliness. Thanks to our fantastic partners we can fund or subsidise special trips like the recent one to Manchester to visit the Football Museum, but with your support we can fund the cost of a weekly session for an individual with a £10 donation.

If you can, please help us to continue to deliver these programmes. To make a donation or set up a fundraiser click here for further information

Tackling Loneliness in Sandwell