The Albion Foundation & Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC) Partnership

Young visually impaired player with the ball at this feet, a Foundation coach standing behind to the right.

How the Albion Foundation and RSBC are making football more accessible to visually impaired children and young people:

RSBC, Albion Foundation and other partners under the Access Unlimited Project (Access Unlimited for families in England - RSBC) are making youth organisations in England more accessible to visually impaired children and young people through blind football.

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How We Work Together

RSBC, with funding from the National Lottery, contributes to the Monday to Friday visually impaired football sessions for children and young people. These football sessions include sessions for elite blind football players and school students, like New College Worcester and Priestley Smith after school club.

Our Goals

We work together to create new opportunities for partially sighted players to grow and access competitive football in the Midlands area. We plan to work towards a partially sighted team that can enter the National Partially Sighted Futsal League.

Our Sessions

Our sessions are free and available to children and young people in the Midlands Monday to Friday. Interested parents and young people can contact for more information.

Benefits to the Child and Young Person

Sport provides physical exercise, enhancing cardiovascular health and coordination. It fosters teamwork and communication skills through constant verbal interaction, while the game's fast-paced nature sharpens concentration and decision-making. Additionally, visually impaired football promotes social inclusion, empowerment, and awareness about the capabilities of visually impaired individuals.

In addition to this, as part of the Access Unlimited Project, RSBC is providing special online services for visually impaired young people, which they can apply to join here.

Blind Football player with mask and ball at his feet on a 4G pitch.

Activities include

1. Assistive Technology

Boost your tech confidence with our Assistive Technology sessions, covering a variety of devices for personalised, online one-on-one or group workshops to enhance your independence and everyday life.


2. Audiobook Club

Join our Zoom audiobook club for VI young people across the UK! Listen to your favourite books, make friends through discussions and quizzes, and create audiobook sessions.


3. Creative Session

Join our regular online and hybrid sessions, open to children and young people up to age 25, to share creative passions like music, poetry, gaming, and more with like-minded individuals!


4. Sisterhood

This is a supportive online group for young women aged 11 –25. You can connect with your peers to discuss issues that are important to you. You can discuss anything from mental health and well-being to hair care.


5. Bro Bants

A supportive online group with young men aged 11 to 25. You'll have a safe and friendly space to meet one another, form new friendships, discuss and explore various topics, and share life experiences!


6. Film Club

Dive into our Film Club, where you can enjoy watching audio-described movies online and connect with fellow young movie buffs.

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