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DINNER PARTY: Gareth McAuley invites...

Who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?

THE festive period is at an end and the party season has gone quiet for a few weeks at least - but do not fear as your favourite dinner party is back with a bang.

An enforced winter break resulted in a two-week hiatus on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve but the first Thursday of 2016 sees a welcome return around our fantasy dinner table. 

Craig Dawson, ,Claudio Yacob ,Jonas Olsson  Jonny Evansand Darren Fletcher have already revealed who they would like to share their dream evening with (click the links to see for yourself).

This week it's the turn of Albion and Northern Ireland defender GARETH McAULEY.

If you've forgotten, the rules are simple - you are able to throw your doors open to absolutely anyone...closest family, dearest friends, movie stars, musicians, people of faith, comedians, sportspeople or even politicians.

Dead, alive or even fictional characters – which five people would you invite? And, importantly, who would cook the food?

G-Mac dishes out the invites below...

1) Kurt Cobain - My cousins were a bit older than me and Nirvana was the first music I remember listening to. Kurt would have some good stories to tell.

2) Jerry Springer - He could dig the dirt on everyone there ha, ha! I used to watch it a lot years ago, it was brilliant. I would love to ask Jerry how much of the show is staged or is this how it is.

3) Roger Federer – He plays tennis effortlessly, he flies around the court, he's a machine - I'd like to see what he'd eat. I missed the chance to meet him once in Dubai, I was devastated.

4) Spiderman – He's one of my favourite superheroes, I get to enjoy Spiderman again with my kids now ha, ha!

5) Oprah Winfrey- She knows everyone and has interviewed everyone, so I can effectively hear stories about all those people at my dinner party.

And finally...Pamela Anderson – I'm talking the unprecedented step of having a first reserve should someone pull out and can't make it at the last minute. I'd have to go for Pamela.

I'm also breaking with tradition and, as I'm hosting the dinner party, I'd cook the food myself. I'm decent in the kitchen. I'd cook stuffed pork fillet, mashed potato, veg and gravy.

Sounds like a great night. What time should we be round, G-Mac?

See you next week folks!