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DINNER PARTY: Jonas Olsson invites...

3 December 2015

Who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?

WEST Bromwich Albion request the pleasure of your company for an evening of great food, fine wine and fun free-flowing chat...this week courtesy of Jonas Olsson.

Hello and welcome to week three of our regular Thursday dinner party feature!

Hopefully you know the rules by now, Craig Dawson and Claudio Yacob have paved the way in previous weeks (you can check out their respective dream guest lists below).

You are able to throw your fantasy doors open to absolutely anyone...closest family, dearest friends, movie stars, musicians, people of faith, comedians, sportspeople or even politicians.

Dead, alive or even fictional characters – which five people would you invite? And, importantly, who would cook the food?

This week, we pulled up a chair with everyone's favourite Swede to see who he would share the evening with...  

1) Bob Dylan - He's my greatest influence, a fascinating man, artist, musician. My biggest idol.

2) Barack Obama - He seems like the most intelligent person, he's got a fascinating story as well. He seems like a good guy to have around the table, he'd be the centre of attention for sure. He got that charisma and just takes over a room, he'd be the centre point. I'm imagining the dinner party now... 

3) Russell Brand - He would be the joker, but I don't want to devalue him. He's a funny guy but also very fascinating. Very different, always swimming against the tide. I saw an interview with him speaking to Jeremy Paxman and he was talking about politics, he's the only one who can really spellbind you for 10 minutes, you might not agree with it but... He's got so much charisma and is interesting to listen to, very articulate. 

4) My grandfather - My maternal grandfather, on my mother's side. He sadly passed away three years ago. I was very close to him, my greatest fan, always positive, always cheering me on. A very wise man.

5) Gisele Bundchen - I would sit myself next to Gisele, definitely! She's an interesting person, very spiritual and down to earth it seems. Very beautiful as well. And she's got a man I really admire, Tom Brady, probably my biggest idol in sport, so I'd ask her about him. He's not allowed in though ha, ha.

Who would cook the food? I think we would have to cook it together, I like that, everyone would have to join in. 

That's the nicest thing about having a dinner party. We'd cook it together, have a glass a wine and enjoy the evening!

Enjoyed checking out Jonas' dinner party guest list? Click below to see who Daws and Claudio selected in previous editions of your favourite feature. See you next week!

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