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DINNER PARTY: Darren Fletcher invites...

17 December 2015

Who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?

Are you preparing yourself for the same old organised fun this Christmas? Sick of festive activities which put the bored into board games?

Then why not mix it up around the dinner party table when the joke inside your cracker is the same one you've read for the last three years in a row.

We lovingly give you express permission to sample our very own dinner party feature and get the conversation flowing by asking who your nearest and dearest would invite to their dream dinner party?

Craig Dawson, ,Claudio Yacob Jonas Olsson and Jonny Evans have already revealed who they would like to share the evening with and sit around their fantasy dinner table (click the links to see for yourself).

This week it's the turn of Albion captain DARREN FLETCHER.

The rules are simple - you are able to throw your fantasy doors open to absolutely anyone...closest family, dearest friends, movie stars, musicians, people of faith, comedians, sportspeople or even politicians.

Dead, alive or even fictional characters – which five people would you invite? And, importantly, who would cook the food?

Fletch dishes out the invites below...

1) Jock Stein - I've always been fascinated by football management from a young age. Growing up a Celtic fan and hearing stories, especially when Sir Alex Ferguson speaks about his mentor and someone he looks up to, that's when you know he must have been a really top manager.
To have been the first British team to have won the European Cup with Celtic, nine league titles in a row and all the other trophies - hearing anecdotes about how he used to speak and treat people, I think he'd be a really fascinating person and someone you'd learn a lot from.

2) Kobe Bryant - First time I went to America I was about 12 years old and went to Disneyland. I started watching basketball, had a little bit of spare money and my mum brought me a basketball top and I bought a Kobe Bryant top.
From there I've been into basketball and followed his career, the thing that strikes me about him is his desire to win, it really appealed to me. Everyone speaks about him as one of the biggest winners in basketball. 
He changed his number to 24 as well, which is my number, so there’s a little bit of similarity there as well. 

3) Fernando Redondo – My footballing hero growing up, a bit of an unusual choice really but watching USA '94, a central holding midfield player for Argentina, long hair, Copa Mundials on…I followed his career to Real Madrid, he was just a hero of own. 
I liked the fact that not many people knew of him, I think it made it a little bit different and I knew a lot more about world football because he was so highly rated.
Actually, people always remember him for the back-heel at Old Trafford and that quite annoys me because I’d known him 10 years before that. 

4) Tupac – Growing up with my dad listening to Rod Stewart and the Bay City Rollers, and my mum listening to Irish music. My friend at school let me listen to his Walkman one day and I couldn’t believe what I heard, I was drawn to it. 
Obviously the language, but also the rap lyrics and the way he spoke, the passion he had and even songs about his mum and all these different genres. 
I think he had actually passed away at the time so there was more intrigue. And as I started listening to him, it got me into hip-hop music which is something I still listen to today.

5) Tony Soprano – I’m big into my TV series’, as a footballer there’s plenty of down time and I think The Sopranos is up there – it’s in the top three anyway. 
Tony Soprano is just a fantastic TV character and I think even with his eating habits throughout Sopranos he’d be a good guest to have at the dinner table.

Anders Lindegaard tells us he’s a master chef so I’d definitely have him there preparing the food.
I’ve never tasted his cooking so he’d have to produce the goods for all these famous guests!

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