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DINNER PARTY: Craig Dawson invites…

19 November 2015

Who would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?

PICTURE the scene…

The table is laid, the silverware is out, glasses are filled and your dinner party is ready to go.

The doorbell rings and the first of your invited guests is at the door…but this is no ordinary Friday night gathering. 

This is a fantasy dinner party whereby you are able to throw your doors open to absolutely anyone – closest family, dearest friends, movie stars, musicians, people of faith, comedians, sportspeople or even politicians.

Dead, alive or even fictional characters – which five people would you invite? And, importantly, who would cook the food? 

It’s one which requires plenty of thought, but we will be putting that very question to Albion players over the coming weeks as we start our new Thursday feature.

First up in the dinner party hot seat, we sat down with Craig Dawson to see who he would invite round for the night...

1) Number one would have to be my older brother, Andy. He’s someone who I’ve looked up to all my life and he’s always there for me, he’s good fun when you take him out as well.

2) Ed Sheeran – someone would have to bring the entertainment and he would be great with his guitar. I like his music.

3) Freddie Flintoff – My brother and I are cricket fans and played cricket as well so I think some of the stories he would have would be great to listen to.

4) Sir Alex Ferguson would be in there as well. It's the team I watched as a kid and obviously he brought up the Class of ‘92, who were the players we watched growing up. To listen to those stories would be great!

5) Jimmy Carr would be in there because he would be listening to the stories and the comments would be coming out….his laugh as well.

And finally, the food...the chef would be Gordon Ramsey cooking in an open kitchen just to see what he was saying as well as cooking. 

I think that would be quite entertaining. A good group.

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