Who We Are

7th May
Albion Safeguarding

Here you can find all contributors to West Bromwich Albion's Safeguarding delivery

Senior Safeguarding Team

The Board of West Bromwich Albion FC

Safeguarding Lead

Mark Miles, Director of Operations and Board Member

Head of Safeguarding

Chris Elliott

Player Care and Academy Safeguarding

Simon Crockett

Safeguarding Operating Group

Chris Harris. Health and Safety and Mental Health

Sam Foxall Head of HR

Nick Williams Head of Education.

Chris Elliott Head of Safeguarding

Andrew Wheeler and Paul Glover - The Albion Foundation

Monica Shafaq (Mental Health Advisor - The Kaleidoscope Group)


Safeguarding Champions

Theresa Howells (Retail)

Cindy Joyce (Supporter Liaison)

Lisa Jones and James Smith (Catering)

Youth and supporter Groups (Vacant)

The Safeguarding Operating Group meet monthly, and the Senior Safeguarding Team meet quarterly. If you have a non-urgent question or concern please email safeguarding@wbafc.co.uk



West Bromwich Albion Football Club are committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of all who we engage with and who visit our club. Whether on-line or in person, the club will strive to achieve its Vision and Principles through the implementation of its Safeguarding Action and Implement Plan. Creating Safe environments for everyone, and ensuring a culture where staff, children and adults at risk are listened to and are supported in the management of any safeguarding concerns.

Friday 10th June 2022