12th June

Macron is the Club’s Technical Partner and the official supplier of all playing and training kit.  


Macron is more than just a sportswear brand. From grassroots players to professionals athletes. Both on and off the field. We believe that every individual has a potential to unleash, and that this can only be achieved through hard work, commitment, and determination.

The capacity to face any challenge to the best of your ability. To give your all and go beyond your limits. This is how you Become Your Own Hero, and this is why we strive to create the best quality high-performance sportswear.

Our aim is to support every athlete in this process. To supply cutting-edge material in terms of technicality and design, in order to help them face their challenges and reach their goals.


We believe in our Italian heritage, and that our focus on innovation and bespoke design differentiate us from all other sports brands worldwide. All Macron products are conceived, designed, and engineered at our Headquarters in Bologna. Our work is driven by a commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, and optimal quality management.

A network of hundreds of Macron Sports Hubs and retailers ensures worldwide access to our products. Through our eCommerce platform, athletes and fans can get hold of a wide range of apparel and accessories specifically designed for Teamwear, Padel, Activewear, and Athleisure. Our My Macron Kit app allows to effortlessly create your team’s Official Kits and to completely customise them in just a few taps. Find your nearest Macron Sports Hub to start your journey in the Macron World.

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