Tom Fellows | 'I want to keep working hard and developing'

Tom Fellows in action at The Hawthorns in the home shirt

Tom Fellows has been speaking to WBA TV this week about several topics.

The number of appearances he has made so far in 2023/23, his first start of the season at Swansea, working under Carlos Corberán, the improvements in his game, learning from other wingers in the squad and Sunday’s Emirates FA Cup third-round tie against Aldershot Town were all talking points for 20-year-old Tom.

Supporters can read his thoughts on each subject below.

On his own campaign so far...

"I think it’s gone better than expected to be honest.

"I came into this season not really expecting to be in and around it like I have been. I had a successful loan spell at Crawley last season where I learned a lot.

"I came back in during the summer in a much better position than I did 12 months previous to that.

"It’s certainly gone better than I thought it would. I didn’t think I’d get as many appearances or as many minutes as I have done to be honest with you.

"I’m happy with how it’s gone and hopefully I can keep getting appearances and minutes. Let’s see how it goes."

On his first start of the season at Swansea...

"I thought I did alright against Swansea on New Year’s Day considering I hadn’t played 90 minutes since last season at Crawley.

"I thought the first half was better than the second, but I think that was to be expected. I thought I had more energy in the first half, was more direct and had more of an impact on the game.

"I probably died out a bit in the second half. There’s obviously bits I need to work on, but I know there were some good bits in there too."

On working under Carlos Corberán...

"He’s different to a lot of the other managers I’ve worked under.

"The detail is unbelievable. He goes into so much detail both pre-match and post-match, analysing the game in general and individual performances.

"As a young player, that’s the only way you get better, analysing your own performance and seeing the things you’ve done well and the things you need to improve on.

"The amount of detail he goes into is certainly helping me improve as a player."

On working closely with other wingers in the squad...

"They are all different in different ways.

"You look at Jed and he’s different to Grady. He’s maybe a bit more direct and will simplify his game, make a lot of runs in behind, get a yard of space and cross it.

"If you look at Grady, he beats players in a different way. Matty is probably a mix of both of them.

"For me, it’s about taking little bits from the different players and putting that into my game. I need to keep on doing the stuff that I do well, but I can also pick little bits that the other wingers do well here and add that to my game as well.

"It’s good for me and it can only help me every day. Even when I’m on the bench, I’ll be watching them and analysing them, picking up little things that they do off the ball. So even when I’m on the bench it’s still useful and helpful."

On having more opportunities to shine...

"Hopefully I can show what I can do in the games coming up but I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself.

"Ultimately, if I do well with the minutes I do get, that will then create an opportunity for more minutes. I’ve got to keep working hard, keep learning and keep developing.

"I know I’m not perfect and I’ve got to keep working on a lot of aspects of my game to get more minutes and to get better as a player.

"I’ll keep working hard and I’ll see what happens."

On his Emirates FA Cup memories and Sunday's tie against Aldershot Town...

"The earliest one that stands out is Wigan playing Manchester City in the final. I remember them winning 1-0.

"I can’t even remember what year that was. I must have been about 10.

"I’ve only played in the FA Cup twice. The first time I came on for Albion against Brighton and then last year I lost against Accrington while playing for Crawley.

"I haven’t got the best record, so I think I’m due a win in the FA Cup. Hopefully that comes on Sunday against Aldershot. I’m really looking forward to the game.

"Everyone knows how magical the FA Cup is. It would be great to get a win in it.

"Any team that has beaten Stockport this season are a good side because they’ve been flying in League Two. We’ll be watching videos of them in the coming days but I know they’ll be well up for the game.

"They’ll come to the game and will want to do well and will want to prove something.

"We also have something to prove and we also want to play well. It’s going to be a tough game and we know anything can happen in the FA Cup.

"We’ll be up for it, that’s for sure."

On his hopes for the remainder of the term...

"It would be nice to score my first senior goal. That would certainly be up there as far as my hopes for the remainder of the season go.

"It would be great to get a few more starts. I want to keep getting more minutes too. The more minutes I get, the more chance I have of improving.

"I’d like to contribute with goals and assists, but I know I need to keep working hard."

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