Sandwell Park Golf Club

Partnership handshake on the Green

The Albion Foundation is excited to announce our partnership with Sandwell Park Golf Club, bringing two historic West Bromwich sporting clubs together through the Foundation's tireless and energetic work. 

Sandwell Park Golf Club and West Bromwich Albion FC have over 250 years of combined sport history. This will be the first time the two clubs have been connected, through a partnership, thanks to The Albion Foundation. 

The clubs are less than half a mile apart, but now have shared goals regarding the community.

Josh Dyer, General Manager of Sandwell Park, as a season ticket holder, and passionate Baggies' fan said, "I was keen to become involved in seeing this partnership get up and running. Many Albion fans play golf at Sandwell Park Golf Club, so the connection runs deep. It creates an opportunity for members to be apart of The Albion Family and feel an important sense of togetherness.

We are excited to host The Albion Foundation golf events, which can only help to open doors to the wider community, thereby ‘Growing the Game’ we all adore. 

Everyone at Sandwell Park Golf Club is excited to see where this partnership can take us all, how much it can benefit this area and invigorate sporting passions for all."

Jonathan Ward, Head of Partnerships for the Albion Foundation, had this to say on the partnership. “We are delighted to welcome Josh and the team at Sandwell Park Golf Club to the Albion Family. We are looking forward to working with them to provide opportunities for the local community and forging a strong relationship between our two organisations".

You can view the Sandwell Park Golf Club website here.

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