Our Vision & Principles

7th May
Albion Safeguarding

The safeguarding plan of West Bromwich Albion shall be established through our vision, principles and key areas of focus.


The Albion vision

West Bromwich Albion commit to create a culture where safeguarding is at the heart of everything Albion do.

To create safe and secure environment for everyone we engage with, and where everyone feels valued and is enabled to thrive within the Albion family.

We will ensure that all within our club understand their vital role in  achieving this commitment.


Albion Principles

West Bromwich Albion Football Club is committed to achieving the safeguarding vision through its policies, its principles, and key areas of focus, together with its practices. We all shall strive to achieve these goals by ensuring that the below principles are at the heart of all we do.


Ensuring all within Albion Family  are supported and enabled to speak up and challenge abuse and poor practice.

Safe and Secure

Creating safe environments for everyone; where we all protect and prevent poor practice and abuse.


Promoting safeguarding awareness throughout the club whereby everyone plays a part in helping to prevent harm from occurring.


Develop strong relationships with partners to enhance safeguarding across Albion.


Ensure Albion is an organisation that encourages external and internal challenge of its practices ensure we respond to the needs of all our communities.


West Bromwich Albion Football Club are committed to the following Focus Areas:

  • Creating the Albion Culture - West Bromwich Albion Football Club commit to create a healthy safeguarding  culture in all aspects of Club activity. 
  • The Albion Voice - We will ensure that everyone is valued and listened to and given an opportunity to influence change.
  • The Albion Environment - We commit to creating safe environments for all we engage with. To achieve this we will ensure  robust and effective  systems and practice are implemented throughout the Club. 
  • The Albion Ethos of Learning & Development - The professional development of all within Albion is critical and we commit to structured professional  learning and development. 


Safeguarding at our Academy

  • Invest in robust systems with safeguarding integrated (Care and Accommodation etc)
  • Devise role specific core integrated learning
  • Ensure consistent staff, player and family education and awareness & communication
  • Invest in safeguarding expertise through DSO and champions
  • Develop innovative player engagement and voice frameworks
  • Continue to invest in a player centred culture focused on their enjoyment development and wellbeing



  • Review matchday and events safeguarding delivery including all stakeholders
  • Develop an integrated, information/intelligence led safeguarding framework to inform safeguarding response to events
  • In partnership with all event stakeholders develop an event safeguarding framework that focuses on pre-event/event and post event
  • Develop an event assurance framework that incorporates safeguarding 


Agreed by the board and directors of West Bromwich Albion Football Club.

October 2021.



West Bromwich Albion Football Club are committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of all who we engage with and who visit our club. Whether on-line or in person, the club will strive to achieve its Vision and Principles through the implementation of its Safeguarding Action and Implement Plan. Creating Safe environments for everyone, and ensuring a culture where staff, children and adults at risk are listened to and are supported in the management of any safeguarding concerns.

Friday 22nd October 2021