Behaviour Change

17th April

The Albion Foundation works with primary and secondary children to understand, connect and unearth the complexities of life and make positive behaviour change.

The programmes we run are designed to address the root cause of challenging behaviours, supporting pupils to develop and get the most out of their school experience. 

If you are teaching at a school and would like to know more about how we can help in this area please contact

There are around 8,000 pupils with Special Education Needs (SEN) needs in our local region. We help support behavioural challenges beyond SEN too, helping children whose behaviour is damaging their education. Pupils in Sandwell are 61% more likely to be temporarily or permanently excluded compared to the national average. 

Behavioural issues can have an impact on all school children as classes are disruptive, but for pupils struggling personally with these challenges, the impact can be far-reaching with limited qualifications affecting their employability and long-term prospects. 

Our programmes help to address the behaviour that may result in an exclusion and give these children a better start in life. 

In the last year alone we have supported over 450 children in schools across Sandwell, with our staff delivering over 110 hours of support per week. 

Of the pupils we have worked with, 85% reported an increase in their confidence and 85% demonstrated an improved attitude following our work with them. 

Our Behavioural Change programmes are available to schools and pupils, and the more funding we can source, the more hours we can deliver in schools to suit different needs. A donation of £25 will cover the cost of a one-hour session supporting a local child.