Residential Experience

4th September
TAF International Residential

The Albion Foundation is proud to offer you an exclusive soccer experience in England. If you are a player or a coach, this could be the perfect experience for you.

You will train with qualified and experienced West Bromwich Albion Foundation coaches.

This experience takes place at the home of West Bromwich Albion on state-of-the-art training facilities, and provides an inside look at the daily life of an Academy player. This is an exclusive chance to live football in one of the world's most passionate soccer countries!

During your stay, you will have the unique opportunity to tour the inside of top English stadiums and museums for a look back through soccer history, as well as visit St George's Park, the home of the English Football Association.

High quality accommodation in Birmingham City Centre and transport will also be provided.

To find out more about the finer details of what you can experience on a residential at West Bromwich Albion, click here.

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