Burger Boi

22nd June

Welcome to Burger Boi. Home of smashed burgers and next level fried chicken.

Embrace the smashed burger revolution.

We brush the grill with mustard, smash the beef to seal in the caramelisation, season with salt & pepper, throw the American cheese on top which melts instantly, stack it all in a toasted bun with Burger Boi Sauce, crunchy pickles and shredded lettuce.

Our beef isn’t the only star. Our free range birds are key to our next level fried chicken. We soak them in buttermilk, double dredge in BurgerBoi seasoned flour mix and fry to perfection.

Try out our smashed burgers outside the East Stand entrance and the Smethwick end entrance on all match days, and in the fan zone on weekend matches.  

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