Carlos Corberán | New ideas to be implemented in pre-season

Carlos Corberán watches pre-season training

Carlos Corberán believes pre-season will provide him the perfect opportunity to share and implement new ideas with his coaching staff and squad of players. 

The Baggies have been back in training for just under two weeks, with the group taking part in a number of demanding sessions designed to propel them towards peak physical condition in time for the start of the 2023/24 Sky Bet Championship campaign.

Albion’s opening game is on Saturday, August 5 at Blackburn Rovers’ Ewood Park, a clash which is still over a month away. 

And the boss says he’s excited to utilise the weeks before that encounter to the best of his ability to ensure the Baggies are in a positive position to attack the year ahead.

Carlos said: "It’s very important for me to have this period of time because when I arrived here I had just three days before the first game. 

“In the previous year we had the FIFA World Cup in the international break which meant we could work with the players and spend time with them. Now, in this pre-season, we have an even longer period of time. 

“I have spent a lot of time organising the schedule. In the summer, you’ll always have new ideas that you want to implement throughout the campaign and I’ve been organising how we do that. 

“It’s important to have plenty of communication with the staff about what the new ideas are and how we are going to modify things.

“We are going to be organised for the season ahead and we’ll be communicating our ideas to the players on the training pitches and in the analysis room.

“The players are re-establishing the dynamics of training and in some moments the technical and physical demands are more important than the tactical messages. We will give them the tactical messages little by little. 

“As a coach, I like this time period because it allows me the chance to pass information to the coaches and the players.

“We have been working for seven months together, so I think this time will be useful because they know me well and I know them well now. 

“It’s a time we need to utilise in terms of adding new possibilities to the squad. As a coach, it’s always nice to have the new players added as quickly as possible, but I also understand that we can’t control the timings of the market. 

“We need to have some flexibility about what we would like because I would like to the spend the next six weeks with the squad that we are going to have for the full season, but we know that this is not easy. 

“We have to wait for some of the players for some weeks more, but it’s always positive for the coach, for the players and for the group to spend time together without the demands of the competition. 

“The adaptation of the ideas we have and the physical conditioning are two of the key aspects that we will be watching in pre-season training and in the friendly matches that we will play.”

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