Back the bus on Foundation Day

The Albion Foundation is in dire need of a new minibus for its 23 disability teams - and you can help.

The charity's main mode of transport for its disability sides has clocked up 90,000 miles over a nine-year period and its regular breakdowns are becoming an increasing drain on the Foundation's finances and time.

Albion fans are invited to bring a pound to the ground when the Baggies take on Cardiff City on Saturday, October 5 with the club matching all donations made on the day.

"If you look at the bus from the outside it doesn't look too bad but it keeps breaking down," said Paul Glover, Head of Disability at the Foundation.

"It's stopping us getting the guys to where they want to be and stopping us being able to enable their sporting opportunities."

The bus has had an impact on many of the participants' lives, including Albion Powerchair's Jonathan Davis.

"If we didn't have the minibus then I would be distraught because I wouldn't be able to play this sport," he said.

"I wouldn't be able to get to National League fixtures because we play in Nottingham and my mum's at work and my dad's at work so they wouldn't be able to take me."

Jonathan's club mate, Richard George, has trialed for England and represented the Club's first-team. Two achievements that wouldn't have been possible without the bus.

"It has been so important to the development of my career," Richard said.

"Without it I wouldn't have been able to get to many of the fixtures. It makes the game develop."

A new set of wheels is to cost approximately £70,000 and you can help the charity reach its goal.

Donate below, text TAF to 70470 to give £1 to the cause or 'bring a pound to the ground' for Foundation Day on Saturday, October 5.

The Club will match every pound raised by supporters as the Foundation looks to find the cash required to purchase the specialist vehicle. 

All money raised goes to the Foundation's minibus push and you can help to make a positive difference.

Watch the video above to learn more about the need for a new bus.

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