Mark Jenkins Darren Moore recruitment

ALBION Chief Executive Mark Jenkins has confirmed newly-appointed Head Coach Darren Moore will have a key input in player recruitment.

Mark joined the Club's new team gaffer at the formal media conference staged at The Hawthorns on Monday to discuss Darren's ascent to the role and his plans for the future.

Revealing that Darren would be operating with a "very strong" budget, the Club's first officer said: There will be no player brought in without Darren's consent.

"That's always been the case when I've been Chief Executive here. There's no point bringing in players that Darren doesn't want because they won't play. It's pointless. Darren will play a key part in the recruitment process.

"He will operate on a very strong budget. But it's not how much you spend, it's what you spend it on. The last 12 months have demonstrated that. This club does not have to sell any players to balance the books."

And, asked about the reasons for Darren's selection following a thorough recruitment process, there was a reminder of Mark's plans to have the Club return to core principles.

He added: "Darren encapsulates everything we want at this club; his pride, his loyalty, his honestly, his hard work. He loves the Albion.

"That's what we want from all our staff. After eight years in the Premier League we need to get back to our fundamental principles."

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