Introducing 'Proud Baggies'

LGBT+ supporters' club launched ahead of Diversity Day on Saturday.

West Bromwich Albion are delighted to introduce 'Proud Baggies', the Club's official LGBT+ supporters' club - and first of its kind in the West Midlands.

Saturday's fixture with Watford will be Diversity Day, a celebration of Albion's inclusivity and togetherness. And now the Club can boast a supporters' club for members of the LGBT+ community.

So what is LGBT+? It means Proud Baggies supports any Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender fans as well as being inclusive of other groups such as asexual, intersex, pansexual and questioning.

Indeed, Proud Baggies - launched with the support of Fans For Diversity, a campaign run in partnership by Kick It Out and the Football Supporters Federation - is open to all Albion fans regardless of sexuality, gender, race or religion.

"We set this up to celebrate the diversity of West Bromwich Albion," said founder, Piero Zizzi.

"The Club has a rich history of being pioneers of diversity itself.

"We want to celebrate that and ensure that all fans feel welcome and included at The Hawthorns."

Lifelong Baggie Piero plies his trade with 'Pride in Football', the alliance of LGBT+ Fan Groups. And he's delighted that Albion have now joined the 32-club strong foundation in their attempt to curb homophobic abuse in football stadia.

"There are currently 32 fan groups in the country. I thought it would be great if West Bromwich Albion could be one of those.

"There are still forms of homophobia within football on the terraces. A lot of fans don't feel welcome or included.

"Because of that we want to celebrate our diverse fanbase."

Anyone is welcome to join Proud Baggies, and you can get in touch here:

Twitter - @WBALGBT
Facebook - Proud Baggies
Instagram - wbalgbt
Email -

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