Meeson delighted with The Albion Foundation Blind Walk impact

Steve Meeson on the Blind Walk from Wembley to The Hawthorns.

The Albion Foundation partnerships and events coordinator Steve Meeson believes the “camaraderie” was key to their Blind Walk success having completed the feat on Saturday.

A group including Albion’s blind footballers, disability sport coaches, former Baggies midfielder Andy Johnson, Foundation director Rob Lake and 2024 EFL supporter of the season “Blind Dave” Heeley - walked from Wembley Stadium to The Hawthorns last week.

The gruelling 120-mile trek was taken on to raise money for the Foundation’s disability sport programme, a cause that Meeson was keen to remind us of its importance.

“I’m immensely proud,” Meeson said. “There’s a number of aspects to it but to raise awareness of blind sport, blind players and blindness in general is important. 

“Having the sponsorship and fundraising efforts involved to make the blind team’s progress smoother with equipment is incredible. I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated and got involved, it was a great pick-me-up to see all of the different groups getting involved in blind activities. 

“Leicester City got involved in supporting us and we had Wolves donate to us too. Everyone who donated and got involved, thank you.

“The camaraderie was the best part of the whole way. Everyone gelled together, the fact that a number of us had never even met each other.

“The way bonds were formed and developed over the week was fantastic. The fact we’ve raised awareness of blindness in general and our blind players was fantastic.

Blind Walk finishes at The Hawthorns

“Apart from the walking, guiding the blind guys was a lot more difficult than I imagined. It takes a lot of concentration, if you let that slip for a small amount of time, your partner could end up injured.

“Keeping your visually impaired partner safe is a big challenge.”

The Albion Foundation director Rob Lake went above and beyond throughout the challenge, wearing a blindfold to walk in the shoes of the visually impaired, a feat Meeson has high admiration for.

“I’ve got absolute admiration for Rob,” Meeson said. “To walk every step of the way blindfolded is amazing. 

“I’m very proud of him and the fantastic levels of effort that he put in. Finishing events like this and challenges like this can be emotional. 

“A lot of the emotion came out on Friday evening and then on Saturday. To walk around the pitch, everyone clapping, West Brom winning, the sun was shining, last day of the season - was great.

“To do the whole thing I’m really proud of it. My muscles are still sore, we’re halfway through the following week and everything from my knees downwards still ache. 

“It was a tough one for sure, it was great to go to Wembley. We had pitchside access which was amazing and brilliant.”

You can still donate to the Foundation’s Blind Walk page HERE.