Mark Miles' first WBA TV interview as Albion Managing Director

Mark Miles is interviewed at The Hawthorns by WBA TV

Mark Miles sat down with WBA TV for the first time since being appointed Albion's Managing Director in the middle of June. 

Miles, who has worked at The Hawthorns for almost two decades, discussed a wide range of talking points, including the club's strategy in the summer transfer market, his relationship with Head Coach Carlos Corberán and Head of Football Operations Ian Pearce, communication with supporters, season ticket and commercial sales and his pride at being given the responsibility of driving West Bromwich Albion forward.

Supporters can read and watch the full interview with Mark below.


On how he proud he is to be in the position of leading West Bromwich Albion Football Club…

"I feel very proud to be in the position I am and with the responsibility of leading the club going forward. 

"I’ve been at Albion for nearly 20 years now and I’ve worked my way through. A big chunk of my working career has been here, so to be leading this club is a real privilege.

"It’s certainly not just about me though. We have some great staff at this club and a great infrastructure and great people. From my point of view, it’s just about being able to direct those people to try and get the most out of them.

"Hopefully we can get success running all the way through the club, both on the pitch and off the pitch."

On how the knowledge and the experience he has gained in a number of roles in his 20 years at Albion will help him in his current role…

"Working in so many different departments during my time here means I know a lot of the ins and the outs. Nobody can pull the wool over my eyes. 

"It also means I’ve been able to have touch points over other areas where I haven’t been involved, such as the football side.

"Being a Director for the last five or six years has meant I have seen what is happening across the football side of the club. 

"Obviously my role now is more strategic, so rather than getting into the nuts and the bolts of all the bits and pieces, I need to take a step back. However, we’re in such a lucky position in terms of having staff that can take on the work, meaning I can take a strategic approach and hopefully move the club forward."

On his working relationship with Head of Football Operations Ian Pearce and the differences between their roles…

"So Ian is very much looking after the whole football side of the club. 

"He is the key link with Carlos and was a crucial part of his appointment last October, so they’ve had that working relationship for a number of months now, which is really positive. It’s something which we want to continue moving forwards.

"In terms of my own relationship with Ian, it’s all very good and another very positive one.

"Ian knows where we need to go as a club and he’ll be working on that.

"His role is slightly different now. Previously, his role was all about recruitment and bringing players into the football club. 

"This new role is much more of an overview of our whole football operation. He’ll be bringing players in and will be dealing with agents, while also sorting out player transfers away from The Hawthorns.

"He’ll also be involved in the academy, the Women’s team and the medical team. So his new role is much more of an overview.

"His key part will be that relationship with Carlos, which is second to none at the moment."

On the club’s strategy in the summer transfer market…

"It’s no secret that we need to move some players out to keep us on a positive financial footing.

"Dara O’Shea has already left the club and that puts us in a really good position moving forwards in terms of future negotiations.

"The strategy is to bring in some new players that Carlos wants and fit his strategy and ethos. We’re after young, dynamic and enthusiastic players who will display that enthusiasm on the pitch and work in Carlos’ style.

"We’ll be looking to bring those kinds of players in, but we’ll also be looking to move some of the players who don’t fit his style and ethos out.

"There will be some ins and there will be some outs, but one thing I can stress is that it’s our full intention to have a squad which will be competitive in the Sky Bet Championship this season.

"Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s going to be a tough season when you look at the teams that have come down from the Premier League and the teams that have been promoted from Sky Bet League One.

"However, I’m confident that under Carlos’ guidance, we’ll have a competitive team in the Championship."

On the discussions held between himself, Ian Pearce and Carlos Corberán regarding the club’s strategy and plan for the 2023/24 season…

"It was a very easy conversation to be honest.

"One of the ways I work, and will always work, is with full transparency. We sat down very early on as a trio and identified what we need to do as a club, both from a non-footballing side in order to balance the books and also from a footballing side to make sure Carlos has what he needs. 

"We discussed the needs from both sides and set out our strategy. 

"It might take us a little while, maybe some weeks, to get to where we want to be before the transfer deadline arrives, but the conversations and the relationship has been very easy and it’s all been very transparent.

"We all know there will be challenges ahead, but Carlos is fully on board with that and I think he’s thriving on that."

On honesty being key moving forward…

"I think honesty is key in anything you do, but particularly in the role that I’m in now. It’s key on the football and the non-football side.

"From Carlos’ perspective, he knows exactly what we need to do because we have open conversations on a regular basis. 

"I see Carlos most days, even if it’s just for a quick chat or a coffee. 

"What Ian has is daily conversations with Carlos about lots of different topics, so honesty is always key because it means everybody knows where they stand."

On the latest news regarding 2023/24 season ticket sales and commercial sales…

"I’m really, really pleased to say that our season ticket sales are the highest to this day in the last ten years. 

"We’re at 16,500 season tickets sold for the upcoming campaign already, which is a great number to have, particularly in the current climate with the cost of living.

"What it shows to me is the commitment the supporters have to the football club, but also to Carlos as well.

"I’m hopeful that those numbers will continue to grow before the season starts. It’s really encouraging.

"I hope everyone can get behind Carlos and the team when the season starts in August.

"That positivity is also replicated in other areas, using the corporate and executive areas as an example. We’ve sold out every box apart from two, which again is great. The demand is really good there.

"From where we are with the current financial climate in the country at the moment, to have those sales figures is nothing short of phenomenal."

On how much he intends to communicate with supporters going forward…

"Communication is key in any role and whether it’s to staff within the club, or to our supporters, I can confirm my full intention and commitment to be as transparent and as open as I can be with everyone."

On what a good leader looks like in his eyes…

"One of the things I have learned over the years is to take little bits from different people I have worked with. 

"I have worked with some really good people and some good managers, most recently with Ron Gourlay.

"It’s my intention to take little bits of everybody and build those into my own style. One of the things I will try to do is continue to be myself and to have my own style. I don’t want to replicate anybody else.

"One of the key things I’d like to stress is that this is not about me. I’m in the privileged position of being able to head up the football club, but it’s about being able to lead the staff that we have here.

"This club is very special.

"One of the philosophies I have is one club and one badge. Everybody is part of it. 

"Whether that be club staff, people in the academy, in the first team, in the Women’s team, in the Albion Foundation or supporters, we’re all wearing the same badge.

"We can all play a part in helping West Bromwich Albion kick on, move forward and have a positive season."

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