John Swift: 'Work to be done' during winter break

John Swift during Albion training.

John Swift has revealed the Albion squad are being 'intensely' put through their paces by boss Carlos Corberán as they continue to prepare for a return to Sky Bet Championship action next month.

The Baggies went into the winter stoppage with three consecutive league wins - and clean sheets - against Blackpool, QPR and Stoke City under their belts.

The players were rewarded for their efforts with a break before returning to the training ground earlier this week, and Swift says the work will not stop ahead of the side's trip to Sunderland on Monday, December 12.

He said: "Everyone got a well deserved rest. It was nice to get away, put the feet up a bit and recover after a tough run of games."

"It was also good to end on three wins in a row as well, but everyone’s working hard, training hard and obviously we go away soon, so there’ll be a lot more training and a lot more work to be done.

John Swift during the game against Stoke City.

Albion will take full advantage of the enforced break due to the World Cup by heading out for a warm weather training camp in Spain on Sunday.

And John believes that, while the players aren't used to a prolonged break this time of year, it's something which could work in their favour.

He added: "It’s a weird one because normally when you’re winning you just want the games to come week after week.

"But I think the games were tough and obviously the manager’s got loads of ideas that he wants to get across. So I think after three wins on the bounce, having the break is good to go into the training camp in Spain where we’re going to be working hard.

"There’s going to be lots of tactical work with his ideas and stuff like that, so the break's probably come at a good time and a bad time.

"Obviously we were doing really well and you always look forward to the next game after a win, and winning three on the bounce like that you almost think that the game couldn’t come any sooner.

"But it’s going to be nice to go away with everyone. It will hopefully be a bit sunnier than it is here as well, that would be nice.

"It’s mainly just to keep doing what the manager’s been saying really, keep doing what we’re doing on the training pitch because every player’s getting better.

"The more training we do, the better we’re going to be on a matchday, so I’m looking forward to it and polishing up on everything he’s said."

Carlos Corberán during Albion training.

Swift has also hailed Corberán's training sessions since the Head Coach took charge, with results on the pitch also showing clear improvement.

"He’s intense. You have to train like you’re playing a game. There’s no point going out there if you’re only going to give 70 or 80 per cent.

"You have to train at 100 per cent every single session and that’s what he’s got across. You have to be really concentrated in every drill that we do because they’ll benefit you when it comes to a game.

"I think it’s just really intense, the sessions are really well thought out and everyone’s still learning, hopefully we can keep getting better.

"It’s not like we’re doing loads of running and coming in from training absolutely blowing, but we’re coming in and, whilst our brains aren’t scrambled, they’re working.

"We’re learning new things whilst we’re out there. We’re learning what we want to do in every game, we’re learning the basics that we probably looked away from a little bit, and that’s not over the last four or five months, over our careers really.

"We’re learning loads more stuff and polishing what we obviously would’ve learned years back, so it’s been good, everyone’s enjoyed it. Training’s been good and we’re getting the results to show that."

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