Help to support the Foundation with your everyday purchases

Kindred Partnership

The Albion Foundation is pleased to join forces with Kindred, a social enterprise which helps consumers to shop in a kinder way.  

The Foundation is now one of over 40,000 partner charities with Kindred that consumers are able to donate a percentage of their cash back to.

Kindred is a browser extension you can download to your desktop or laptop in just two clicks, enabling you to earn cashback from shopping online with over 25,000 brands.

By shopping with these participating brands you will earn cashback which you can then choose to donate to a charity of your choice, with The Albion Foundation the latest charity you can donate to.

With Kindred you can earn an average of 9.72% cashback every time you shop online and donate either a portion or all of your cashback to Albion’s official charity.

Once you begin to earn cashback from your purchases, you’ll be able to start donating to the Foundation.

You can download the Kindred extension to your browser and begin donating to the Foundation by clicking here.

Once signed up, The Albion Foundation will automatically be one of your chosen charities ready for you to starting giving!

Kindred is making donating to charities effortless – all need to do is shop online.

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