Get active and build positive family relationships with Daughters and Dads programme

Daughters and Dads

Help to build and grow a positive and active relationship with your daughter with The Albion Foundation's Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered programme.

The Daughters and Dads Active and Empowered is a free physical activity and education programme for young girls aged 5 to 11-years-old and their fathers/father-figures who want to be more active together. 

In partnership with Women in Sport, the Fatherhood Institute, EFL Trust and the University of Newcastle (Australia), the programme will also increase fathers’ confidence and ability to act as role models in relation to their daughter’s participation.

Daughters and Dads will help Daughters and their Dads to:

  • Become more physically active
  • Increase sports skill proficiencies in young girls (kicking, throwing, catching, striking, and bouncing)
  • Improve the quality of the father-daughter relationships such as feeling of closeness and communication
  • Improve young girls’ confidence, resilience, and social and emotional well-being
  • Improve parenting practices and became more involved and engaged with their daughters

The programme is usually run in schools face-to-face, however with the current national lockdown, the programme will be run online.

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