Carlos Corberán | Albion must focus on the present

Carlos Corberán.

Albion boss Carlos Corberán says his Albion players must remain "focused on the present" ahead of their trip to Leicester City on Saturday afternoon (ko 12.30pm).

The Baggies sit fifth in the Sky Bet Championship table, and could move another step closer to securing a Play-Off spot with a victory over the Foxes.

However, the head coach has emphasised to his players they must take each game as it comes, because looking any further forward would be a "mistake".

"The squad’s fully focused to prepare for the game ahead, without thinking of the future consequences of what a result might mean," explained Carlos.

"They’re focused on competing in the game ahead and in a very demanding league in the Championship.

“Everything ahead of that isn’t close enough for us to focus on, the players know this. I think they’re fully focused to be giving their best in the next three games.

“What we know right now is that we’re going to have three games as an opportunity to give the best that we can to try and get the maximum number of points we can.

"As soon as you look at things in the future, you’re no longer focused on the present, and if you’re not focused on the present that will affect your performance in any fixture.

Carlos Corberán.

“The more points we have, the more opportunity we have to make the Play-Offs. So we need to be focused on how we compete in those games.

“We don’t know the number we’re going to need, but we know tomorrow that we play Leicester who are a tough team, and we need to prepare in detail for the game.

“As soon as we start thinking about things ahead of that, I know that we’ll be making a mistake, and we need to avoid making these kind of mistakes."

The Foxes are in the midst of a race for the automatic promotion spots, but come into the fixture having lost three of their last five - and are finely poised just a point behind top of the table Ipswich with a game in hand.

Corberán praised Leicester's identity before the encounter in the East Midlands - though also reaffirmed his belief Albion can overcome anyone in this division.

He added: "Every game in the Championship is difficult, but there is no game that’s impossible to win – and that’s why we need to prepare for every game with detail.

“You need to give the maximum level of respect to these preparations, but also bring the maximum level of confidence.

“The most important thing is to analyse our opponent, see their strengths, prepare our players to avoid them, understand their weaknesses and try to use these in the best way we can.

“We know that we need to show our strengths on the pitch and try to decrease our weaknesses. This is the work we need to do, without thinking about the momentum a team has.

“Football is emotional and tactical. Any of the games I’ve watched with Leicester, when they didn’t achieve the result they wanted you can see a level of frustration in the final minutes.

“But while they can lose a game, they don’t lose their identity and I think that when you don’t lose that identity, it can help you achieve the result you want to achieve."

Leicester City in action.

"Mentality for us is key. We need to improve on the things we feel are not working well. 

“It’s true that our away form wasn’t where we wanted it, and we were conscious of this, to try and understand why and try to find solutions between us. 

"I gave a solution to the players and the players took responsibility too, because the only way to change something in life, if it isn’t working, is to take on that responsibility.

“That’s what this group of players is doing with everything that isn’t working in the way we want it to.

"Tomorrow is going to be challenging mentally, tactically, in attack and in defence.

“When you play against a team like Leicester, you know that you only have options to win the game if you compete at 100%.

“Every team you play in the Championship wants to win, they want to win to stay in their position and we want to do the same too.

“It’s a game where both teams will be going with the full desire to achieve the result that each team wants."