Women's Team

Albion Women announce new Board

Albion Women have moved to assemble a fresh Board of experienced and knowledgeable specialists to help inform and oversee the Club's short and long-term visions.

The eight-strong Board will help to guide the Club into a new era of ambition, shaping the entire programme for a new and progressive culture.

Dave Stevens, an A-Licence coach and the Regional Talent Club's newly-appointed Head of Coaching will join the Board with a focus on football coaching, looking to get the best out of the Club's coaches and players alike.

Director of The Albion Foundation, Rob Lake, will look to focus on linking West Bromwich Albion Football Club, its community projects and Albion Women together in his role.

Monica Shafaq, Chief Executive of The Kaleidoscope Group charity, will be on the Board with a specific focus on wellbeing.

Inclusion in football expert and Disability Football Development Officer at Birmingham FA, Jasbir Batt, will join the Board with a focus on diversity and inclusion.

Scott Field, the Director of Communications and Marketing at Team GB will join the Board with a specific focus on marketing, with former Albion Women player, Tash Baptiste, joining to give a player's perspective.

Head of Safeguarding at West Bromwich Albion Football Club, Chris Elliott will help to give his expertise on welfare and safeguarding.

Highly-experienced sports development professional, Sandra Hampton will join the Board to focus on women's sport.

Head of Albion Women and Girls, Dave Lawrence said: "I'm absolutely delighted with how the Board has come together and the passion and drive they have to help us move forward.

"It is imperative with our strategic objectives and visions for the Club that we have a group of high-level people with various experiences who can challenge our decision making process, support staff and drive us into a new era of ambition."

Once guidelines allow us to do so, we look forward to welcoming the new Board to Albion Women games at Coles Lane in the future.