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‘Now we can all celebrate together’

A loyal Albion supporter can now celebrate every goal with his family by his side following improvements to disabled bays at The Hawthorns.

Bill Hardman and his wife Sue, who are both disabled, are now able to watch home games together with their grandchildren after the introduction of additional disabled bays to the West Stand.

The Hawthorns now boasts a significant number of wheelchair bays, with many having adjacent seats for carers, meaning supporters like Bill can enjoy games sat alongside their families.

The Club are highlighting Bill’s story during Level Playing Field’s Weeks of Action which will be celebrated further at Saturday’s home clash with Birmingham City (ko 12.30pm). 

“Coming to a game is a different kettle of fish to coming in for an able bodied supporter, it can often be a real challenge at some grounds,” said the lifelong fan.

“Years ago you’d have to go to a separate section and you’d more or less be left on your own, or, if you were lucky, your carer would come with you.

“Often the same in the ground, where you’d be sitting in your seat and your carer would be behind you. The rest of your family would probably be somewhere else because you’d have to sit in a certain section.

“How we’re doing it now is a lot better, where my wife and I sit now - and my wife’s in a wheelchair - I’m sat next to her, which is great because she can wheel her wheelchair in and I’m sat next to her.

“My two grandchildren are in the two seats behind us so when we score a goal we’re all celebrating together, and we’re really happy.

“It’s much easier now and you look forward to it because we’re sitting together. It’s much easier now, we’re not worried about each other - whether we’re getting wet, whether we’re warm enough - because we’re right next to each other. We can care for one another, doing our proper job, instead of thinking can I get to them.” 

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