Bilić: We were ‘spot on’

Slaven Bilić believes Albion have their momentum back after playing out an absorbing 1-1 draw with promotion-rivals Leeds United.

The Baggies boss says he’s never normally happy with a draw but admits he’s delighted with the ‘brave, front foot’ performance of his side. 

“It was a very intense game,” he said. “A very good game to watch. A very good game to be part of. We started good, we started better, not only because of the goal but we were on the front foot. They had the amount of possession but most of that possession was where we wanted it to be. Very rarely they were breaking us in two between the lines. A few times they did it, but a few times we also did it.

“It was a little bit more set-pieces, corners and fouls because it was a very intense game. We had the best chance to go two up through a great combination but unfortunately their keeper makes a save. In the second half it continued to be like this and then they equalise.

“After that it was just a good game of football. End to end. We have maybe a few more chances than them but they had the last chance and Sam did really well. We had chances through Kyle and Matt Phillips - a few really good ones. Every set-piece on both sides was very, very dangerous.

“It was a good game. We can’t be in theory happy when we play at home - we want three points. Especially when we lost our last home game but I have to say well done to the players. This point and performance can bring us our momentum back that we lost a little bit. It is against Leeds, it is against a team that is very intense and we did well against them. We wanted to win the game and we had a chance at the end to win it, but this is a positive point.

“I said to the guys something that is maybe not normal. I said it is all about the results, but I said it is not about the result. I said it’s not about the result, I want to see us being who we really are. Being brave and being on the front foot and all that and the guys, considering who we were playing against, were spot on.”

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