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101 Questions with Dara O’Shea

It’s time for episode four of 101 Questions and this week we’ve pulled in our defender from Dublin, Dara O’Shea, to face the random questions.

The youngster follows in the footsteps of Kieran Gibbs, Romaine Sawyers and Matty Phillips to pick 10 numbers and have a variety of questions fired at him to answer.

So, let’s crack on with it.

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How’s it going, Dara? Please pick your 10 numbers.

“I’m good thank you! Of course. Let’s go with 4, 12, 16, 27, 50, 55, 72, 88, 90, 99.”


4 – Game of Thrones. Talk to us. Were you happy with the ending?

“I actually haven’t watched it but my Mrs is big into it. She wasn’t happy with the ending. She said it was disappointing because it ended so abruptly and unexpectedly with lots of unanswered parts.”


12 – What’s your signature dish in the kitchen?

“That would have to be between Irish stew and spaghetti Bolognese.”


16 – What was the most trouble you ever found yourself in at school?

“I wasn’t a troublemaker at school but I think the teachers did cop on to the fact that I was just participating in any sport to get out of class. They used to tell me off for that.”


27 – Tell us about Christmas chocolate. How much do you get and how quickly does it get demolished?

“Nobody really gives me too much because they know it wouldn’t last very long around me. Thinking about it, that’s probably why they hide theirs away from me.”

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50 – Which language would you most like to learn and why?

“I would love to be fluent it Irish. We were taught in school, but I didn’t really want to know about it at the time. It’s only now that I would love to be able to speak the language fluently.”


55 – A snake or a huge spider. Which one would you be most scared of and why?

“Snakes all day. I cannot stand them. Everything about them, from the way they move, their skin and how they bite. I refuse to go anywhere near them.”


72 – If you could have a role in any film or series, which role would you want to play and why?

“I’m currently watching the latest Money Heist season so I’m going to say The Professor because he’s always steps ahead of what is going to happen and ends up outwitting the government and the police. He comes up with master plans to rob money and gold from the state. The whole operation is pretty cool so I think that would be a great role to play.”


88 – One team-mate you have learnt the most from?

“Brunty. Even though I don’t play in the same position as him I’ve still learnt so much from him. He’s been the Club captain ever since I signed here and way before that too, so I’ve seen how he leads the team and how instrumental he is in the dressing room. I’ve also learnt an endless amount from training and playing alongside him too.”

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90 – How many pairs of shoes or trainers do you have and which pair is your favourite?

“My Mrs says I have too many pairs for a bloke! However, the first part of an outfit you have to look at is your trainers they can make or break it in my opinion. My favourite pair are a black and red pair which I queued up to buy when I was 17.”


99 – What’s the best concert or gig you’ve ever been to?

“Lewis Capaldi. He was unreal! He’s one of my favourite artists and a very funny guy too. Would highly recommend to anyone to go and see him live if you get the chance.”