Sawyers’ guide to The Albion Foundation

Romaine Sawyers caught up with The Albion Foundation following his summer return to the Baggies - and here he explains the charity’s life-changing work.

Sawyers is refreshing his knowledge of Albion’s official charity ahead of Foundation Day on Saturday, when Baggies fans are invited to ‘bring a pound to the ground’.

The Foundation’s programmes can be broken down into three W-B-A categories, with their focus areas covering Wellbeing, Behaviour change and Active lifestyles.

And Birmingham-born Romaine spent a day with the charity learning all about their work in the local community.


The Foundation works to encourage resilience, positive thinking and mind-set

Behaviour Change

They unravel the complexities of life, understand, connect and unearth potential to make a positive impact on the people it works with.

Active Lifestyles

They promote active living, inspire a love of sport and how the power of sport can make a difference.

The Foundation strives to create a proud Albion Family. Engaged, inspired and achieving its potential and continues to be a key part of the local community we live in.

Watch the above video to view Romaine’s special guide.

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