Hawthorns Hub

Albion are welcoming the local community to The Hawthorns on a weekly basis for an afternoon of chat and friendly faces in an effort to lessen loneliness and isolation.

‘Hawthorns Hub’, a Club initiative aimed at those who are looking for company and a cuppa, is held on Wednesday afternoons in the Club’s Media Suite.

Endorsed as the ‘ideal’ place to meet new people, make friends and socialise, the Hub has had a positive impact on Alan Powell.

“I can’t thank them enough,” said Alan.

Having attended the vast majority of sessions since the Hub’s creation in June, the Albion fan is impressed by the opportunity provided by his club.

“Albion is a football club, you don’t think they do anything else, but now I know they do some marvellous things.”

Hosted by The Albion Foundation, the gatherings last for a couple of hours each week and you don’t need to be a Baggies fan to get involved!

“Anybody and everybody is welcome to the Hawthorns Hub,” said Gurdial Singh, The Albion Foundation Engagement Officer.

“It’s somewhere for people who may be stuck in their house and need a change of scenery.”

Donna Nahal is another of the Hub’s familiar faces and echoed Alan’s sentiments.

“I’m really proud to be a West Bromwich Albion fan because they’re a club that realise they have this responsibility to do something for the community and that’s what they’re doing.”

For more information regarding the Hawthorns Hub, please email

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