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Bartley takes top billing in Albion News

A fascinating and revealing interview with Kyle Bartley takes top billing in Saturday’s latest Albion News match day programme.

“Barts” looks back on the football journey which has brought him to The Hawthorns and offers some insightful views on his first 15 months as a Baggie.

On his current team: “…I think we are definitely too nice on the pitch. I’m not talking about being nasty just a little more streetwise.”

On last season’s criticism: "I just get on with it. I could go to sleep knowing I didn’t shirk from anything; I didn’t put it on someone else’s shoulders.”

And on the current racism worries: It’s a generational thing. Maybe what we do now, and how we address it, will mean our grandchildren will be able to play without any of this nonsense going on.”

It’s a must-read for Baggies fans in the 68-page programme that also brings you “The Chaz and Jake Show” - Messrs Austin and Livermore in cracking form - alongside all the regular features.

And this weekend’s comic-themed cover star?

It’s a Matheus Pereira cracker.

Available at all the regular outlets at £3.50.

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