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Albion reaffirm Club Charter on Pyrotechnics

On the eve of next week’s Guy Fawkes celebrations, West Bromwich Albion and all other EFL member Clubs are again alerting supporters to the dangers surrounding the use of pyrotechnics within football grounds.

Any instances of pyrotechnics use means innocent parties may be at risk of serious injury as a result.

With a full schedule of fixtures across this weekend, ahead of Bonfire Night, the EFL and its Clubs are re-issuing their commitment to tackling the use of pyrotechnics, which includes smoke bombs, flares and fireworks within EFL football grounds.

Having launched in November 2017, all EFL Clubs have signed up to a ‘Club Charter on Pyrotechnics’, with a commitment to taking strong and decisive action against any fans found attempting to bring a banned item into a ground, or those who discharge pyrotechnics.

Any supporter that has been, or found to be, in breach of the terms of the Charter is subject to a minimum three-season Club ban. A number of Club bans have already been issued since the launch of the Charter, including an increase in Club bans for away supporters due to the ongoing co-operation between EFL Clubs.

Clubs are permitted the flexibility to reduce the length of the Club ban should an offender recognise the danger of their actions, although the overall safety of supporters is always paramount.

West Bromwich Albion would therefore like to remind all supporters that the use of any pyrotechnic device is strictly prohibited within The Hawthorns and strong action will be taken in the event of any such devices being discharged.

Albion would like to thank all supporters, home and away, for their ongoing co-operation in this matter, so we can all enjoy the game in safety.