Foundation helping to tackle crime with free football

The Albion Foundation is working closely with the police to deliver workshops to youngsters in an effort to educate and reduce crime in the local area.

Stop and search sessions and education regarding knife crime are provded by the police force, whilst the Foundation offers free football through Premier League Kicks at the vehicle to educate participants.

Using the Albion badge has proved an invaluable tool in the force's efforts to reduce crime rates in Sandwell.

"I've found that I've been able to engage with youngsters that we perhaps wouldn't be able to engage with under normal circumstances," said Oldbury Police Sergeant Gary Capewell.

"It's given them opportunity to see the people behind the police, the person behind the badge."

Football free of charge looks to be having a real positive impact on the community, with crime rates in the area dropping when the Foundation is delivering PL Kicks sessions.

"It's really crucial, the work that we've done together, to try and divert these young people away from a life of crime," Gary added.

Albion's James Morrison, Kyle Bartley and Craig Dawson headed to Hadley Stadium to pay one of the sessions a visit and the need for the partnership was clear to see.

"It's very important," said James Morrison.

"I think from an early age of keeping them busy and keeping them in football."

"Police are sometimes, when you're younger, branded indifferent but if they can build a relationship and paint a different picture it's very important."

For more information regarding the Foundation's Kicks programme please email

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