Smethwick Community Awards

The Albion Foundation’s Engagement Department has been recognised for its impact in the local area at the Smethwick Community Awards.

Crowned Community Project Award winners for 2019, the charity's Premier League Kicks, Go Play and @Youth Sandwell programmes all received plaudits for the continued positive impact they have on young people in Smethwick.

"It's fantastic to get the recognition for the work that our staff and youth workers put in each week and to really recognise some of the achievements of our young people," said Hayley James, Head of Engagement at the Foundation.

"Having people outside of the charity appreciate the work and the contribution that you're making to the local community really rubberstamps the idea of what we're doing.

"We want to give back to the community and really make a difference to young people."

Sandwell Community Hubs CEO Anam Choudury was part of the organising committee behind the event, alongside Sandwell Council, and understood why the independent panel gave the honour to Albion's official charity partner.

"From looking at the nominations, one thing I was very pleased about is the extensive reach the Foundation has in terms of engaging with young people in the community," said Anam.

"The reach was far beyond any other nominees we had and the number of projects delivered.

"The diversity in terms of the range of projects delivered and engagement is quite phenomenal as well.

"The work the Foundation does is very important. I think it's one of the most important in Smethwick but also Sandwell as a whole."

For more information regarding the Foundation's engagement work within Sandwell and Smethwick, please email