Elite Girls PDC fixtures

Talented female footballers let their feet do the talking by putting their skills to the test during the latest Elite Girls Player Development Centre fixtures.

Accomplished Albion, Peterborough and Reading teams featured in the event which aims to test and develop the gifted footballers' skillsets.

"We consider these players to be more elite so they get to face higher ability girls that perhaps they wouldn't in their grassroots clubs," said Lauren Affron, The Albion Foundation Girls Football Coordinator.

Lauren's sentiments were echoed by the travelling Royals side.

"These sorts of game days are fantastic for the girls," said Emma Hopkins, Reading FC Community Trust Girls Development Officer.

"A lot of them play at grassroots clubs but tend to be the better players in their teams, so it's nice for them to be challenged a bit more."

The development of the players is at the forefront of the day, with teams ranging in age from under-10s to 16s.

"They train weekly and it's nice for them to get matches against girls of a similar standard," said Emma.

Representing Albion, 12-year-old Amelia Griffiths had a rewarding experience.

"Days like this teach me how to lose, win and how to play against different types of player," she said.

"I enjoy playing football, it's my passion and it's fun."

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