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Celebrate Mother's Day with style

Imagine mum waking up on Mother's Day to her very own video message from her favourite Albion player.

That's the chance we're giving our fans in a very special Mother’s Day opportunity.

All we need you to do is send in a short message telling us why your mum is so special - and who her favourite Albion player is.

We'll select our favourite messages and ask the chosen players to read them out on camera for the lucky winners.

We’ll then share the video messages via our website and social media on Mother’s Day.

To enter your message send an email to with the following information by Monday, March 25... 

- Your name

- Your age

- Your mum’s name

- Your mum’s favourite current player

- Your mum’s Twitter handle (if she has one!)

If you're in need of a gift for Mother's Day, then why not check out our women's section on the Albion store.

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