Disability Awareness sessions giving great insight to children

Special educational needs pupils from across six schools in the local area are benefitting from learning about other disabilities, thanks to Disability Awareness sessions held by The Albion Foundation.

The sessions allow pupils to gain a greater understanding of their own needs, as well as learning about different disabilities that other people have and how to work with them.

As well as learning about the other disabilties, pupils also gain key skills like communication and confidence, which in some cases they won't have.

The sessions have helped pupils to come out of their shells and to experience what it is like for others, according to James Hayward, PE Subject Leader at The Westminster School.

"They're all aware of their own needs and conditions so it's good for them to see and experience what it's like for somebody different," said James.

"It gives you a great insight for life in a different way. We all go through life but sometimes we don't realise how difficult it could be for others.

"This has given them an opportunity to go through those barriers and difficulties that other people have," he said.

Disability Coach at The Albion Foundation, Chris Price, says it has been good to see the pupils take their knowledge beyond the sessions.

"It's been really good to see children come out of this session and then go and work with other children because they feel more confident about their disability and how they can help them," said Chris.

"It's given them the chance to identify other disabilities that are out there, other special needs that people have and to talk about their own disabilities as well," he said.

To find out more about the Foundation's Disability Awareness programme, please email

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