Players’ gesture highlights culture change

Darren Moore believes the offer from Albion players to fund coach travel to Leeds United highlights the progress made off the pitch at The Hawthorns.

The Baggies squad, led by club skipper Chris Brunt, are paying for supporters to get to Elland Road on Friday, March 1 (ko 7.45pm).  

Darren says the gesture acknowledges the impact fans can have on the team’s fortunes and thanks them for their efforts throughout the campaign.

“It shows where we are as a club, it’s brilliant,” he nodded. “I think it’s excellent from the players.  

“They’ve all got together and recognised that they want the fans up there at Leeds.  

“They value their support so they’ve all come together to help contribute to the away day. 

“There’s a different culture and feel to this place and it’s what we wanted. It’s another marker in the sand as to where we are as a football club. 

“I’m really pleased that the players have done it because it’s for you the supporters because you’ve been there and will be through thick and thin. 

“It’s a tribute for you to help with that away-day travel and we look forward to seeing them all up there."

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