Internet Safety Day 2019

Staying safe online was the hot topic at Old Park Primary for Safer Internet Day 2019.

According to figures from the NSPCC, one in four 8-11 year olds have a social media account, with the same figure experiencing something upsetting online.

Such figures showcase the need for digital resilience lessons to be delivered in schools, as Laura Northall, Positive Wellbeing Worker for the Foundation, explained.

"The importance of teaching the children about online safety is getting increasingly important," she said.

"Children as young as one or two years of age are learning how to use things like YouTube and download things onto their parents' phones, so it's really important that the younger we start teaching them the more resilient they will become."

Explaining age restrictions and how to block users who may upset them online were among the topics discussed.

"We don't want them not to use it but we just want them to be aware and safe when they are," added Laura.

One of the pupils in the session was Year 5 student Savannah Farley.

"I've learnt to never share personal information online," she said.

"It's really important to learn because people can hack stuff and I'm glad I was in the lesson."

For more information regarding the Foundation's digital resilience work within schools, please email