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Rainbow Laces Day adds colour to The Hawthorns

Albion’s annual Rainbow Laces fixture on Sunday was hailed as a celebration of the Club’s diversity and inclusivity along with the stylish football the fans are loving.

Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces campaign was prominent both on and off the pitch at The Hawthorns with Albion’s LGBT+ supporters group Proud Baggies on hand to promote the Club’s well-established diversity. 

Skipper Jake Livermore wore the rainbow armband, Proud Baggies patron Richie Anderson took centre stage in Albion News and on the mic – while a special appearance from a rainbow-coloured Boilerman added to the clear messaging.

Proud Baggies also unveiled a fans mosaic while nature joined the mood by arranging for a rainbow to appear over The Hawthorns near the finish.

Slaven Bilić’s team joined the celebrations by serving up a five-goal performance on the pitch, all of which left the Proud Baggies thrilled with their day.

Founder and chair Piero Zizzi said: “The Rainbow Laces campaign and the visibility it offers us is a superb way for us to be able to showcase the work we’re doing with the club all year round.

“It’s also a great celebration of the diversity and inclusivity at WBA, something we’re hugely proud of. 

“We’re extremely grateful for the support the club, staff, players and fellow supporters have shown us.

“As we intended with the Fan Mosaic, yesterday highlighted the importance of allies to the LGBT+ community and for the work we do.

“What may have seemed like small gestures to many, will have made a huge difference to some. 

“The rainbow appearing over The Hawthorns was the perfect touch, but we can’t take any credit for that!”

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