Foundation Christmas Disability Festival ‘invaluable’ to pupils

The Albion Foundation’s annual Christmas Disability Festival is helping children to ‘be the best they can be’.

The event brings together schools from across the West Midlands to take part in sport-related activities with a festive theme.

Participants that took part in the day benefit from the charity’s work every week during school time, and the festival was a chance for them to come together and celebrate their term’s work.

The event helps to build on the work that the Foundation does with pupils in schools, primarily improving communication and confidence.

Jane Brewer, Special Educational Needs Coordinator at Brandhall Primary School, says each year the day is enjoyed by children.

“They love days like this and to come in and see Santa was an absolute joy for them,” said Jane.

“It works with their social skills so they’re working as a team, looking out for each other and they are skills that they will take back into class which is lovely,” she said.

Speaking about the day-to-day work that the Foundation does in schools, Jane recognised the importance of what the charity does.

“It’s invaluable. The children at the very beginning are unable to take part in a class, but at the end a vast majority can be a part of their little families within their classrooms,” Jane said.

“Then they’re able to flourish and be the best that they can be,” she added.

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