'Blind Dave' and Brunty's charity bike ride catch-up

'Blind Dave' Heeley is set to tackle another monumental task as he looks to 'Escape from Colditz' in his latest fundraising venture - and Club captain Chris Brunt visited the Heeley household to hear all about the challenge.

The pair sat down to share a pot of tea and many laughs as they discussed the upcoming charity bike ride from Colditz to The Hawthorns. You can read all about Dave's next challenge here.

A fundraising extraordinaire, Dave will be raising money for The Albion Foundation once more with his upcoming task. 

“The Foundation is a fabulous organisation," said Dave.

"It helps with blind kids football, wheelchair football, special needs, underprivileged children and much more.

“When I was a kid coming up and I was their age there was nothing out there for us. There wasn’t the help that is out there now. For me now, although I am an old codger, if I can do what I can do I am hoping it just inspires. 

“If the kids can see us start and finish and still smile then I am hoping it brings them on and they think if the blind old codger from West Brom can do that, what can I do?”

“Next April we are spending two nights in Colditz Castle and then we’re riding back through Germany. We have four stops there, then Holland, down to the Hook of Holland, across to Harwich, back through Peterborough and that’s where the Merdien bit comes in.

"We are going to quickly tip our hat at the cycling memorial there celebrating the First World War lads. Then via Sutton, back to The Hawthorns and we are all going to ride in. That’s the plan."

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